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who knows we catered? share the yummy!

let's start off 2024 with a bang! do you have any events coming up this year? birthdays, corporate events, graduations, weddings?!? who is excited to celebrate (besides us)? are you wondering how to make the event more memorable for your guests? churn can help! we love bringing homemade ice cream to brighten up the day. we have a list of over 750 flavors to date, and still make custom flavors monthly! have you ever wanted to turn your favorite cake or cookie into an ice cream! we can do that!

churn offerings catering for parties, whether you opt for pick-up, delivery or on-site catering! let's talk! or send a message through our website! you can also call directly at 412-303-8422!

once your party with us, you will not want to party without us again! still accepting 2024 bookings!

remember, we encourage eating ice cream like no-one is watching in all cases! #icecreamlove #churn #churncaters #getintouch #bookus #lovetheyummy

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