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let's grow! now is your chance to FRANCHISE with churn!

Have you ever considered being your own boss? Creating a life with a little more you time?  Why not join something that is already established and thriving, but with your own town’s twist!  churn homemade ice cream & coffee is franchising!  It is time to act on your thoughts! Get in touch!


What is churn?

churn is a community go-to for local coffee needs and amazing ice cream creations.  We are a world of sweet indulgence and caffeinated bliss.  We started our journey in 2015, and decided to start bringing it to your doors in 2024!  We have eight years in the books; have done buildouts; perfected menu items; created over 1,000 ice cream flavors; but above all, survived and thrived!

churn has grown quickly in popularity not simply because of its offerings, but because of its appeal.  We are a visual company, putting out fresh and new ice cream flavors daily, while also offering caffeine and treats to satisfy everyone.  We get involved in the community and work hard to create a strong, respected workforce. With a churn franchise, you are not just selling products, you are crafting individual experiences and connections. 

Picture this: it is a sunny afternoon, families are sitting in the shop and outside enjoying creamy scoops, while others are sipping on yummy lattes, all while creating lasting memories.


churn is a great candidate for franchising because:

  • Established brand

  • Proven business model

  • Training and Support

  • Purchasing Power

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Peer Network

Franchising prevents less risk and higher likelihood of success than any other path to business ownership. churn is a perfect fit!

Let’s Talk!

Join us, join our proven business model and irresistible menu…and you will be serving up happiness nonstop. Spread more joy one scoop at a time.  churn up!




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