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Proudly serving handcrafted ice cream and a great cup of coffee since 2015.
Handmade ice cream - Churn handcrafted ice cream, espresso, and coffee - various flavors of ice cream

At Churn, we believe handmade is always better. We’re passionate about providing delicious hand-churned ice cream, espresso beverages, and coffee to our guests in Fox Chapel and Pittsburgh’s Southside. We offer a great cup of joe and a unique, friendly, and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking for a cookie dough ice cream sundae, handcrafted milkshake, Italian soda, or a simple cup of black coffee, we’ve got something on the menu for you.

With three locations and an ever-growing community, Churn is your go-to local cafe. We also offer custom ice cream creations upon request and cater weddings, graduations, parties, and celebrations. Make your next celebration truly memorable with handcrafted ice cream served by smiling faces.

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Our story begins on October 30, 2015, when we opened our first location in Gibsonia PA. As a woman-owned small business, we quickly grew a committed community of loyal coffee lovers and ice cream aficionados.

Two successful years later, we opened the second Churn location in Cranberry Township, and then another location in Fox Chapel in June of 2019. In 2021 we opened our most recent location at the corner of 2000 East Carson Street in Pittsburgh’s Southside neighborhood.

With momentum like this, who knows where the next Churn is going to pop up!

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Though we’ve closed our Cranberry location, the other three locations remain essential meeting places for our guests. Whether you’re in need of a new study spot, craving homemade ice cream, or looking for a public space to meet friends, we hope you swing by your local Churn and give us a try.

To those who have supported us through the years, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your continued support is truly appreciated.

Ice Cream

“I was always taught showing up is half the battle in life. There will be good days, there will be bad days, there will be days to just exist, but no matter what, you have to show up.  You have to believe in the success and possibility of the dream if you want others to.”


Founder & Owner of Churn


Founder & Owner of Churn

Hi there, my name is Kelley Costa and I am the owner and founder of Churn.

I opened my first store in October 2015 and have been living my motto of “showing up” ever since. My years in business have taught me many lessons, blessed me with many relationships, and opened doors for me I could have never imagined.

For me, showing up is more than just making ice cream and opening new stores. It is about the daily interactions with customers and employees, the relationships that have been built, and the lessons learned along the way.


No matter what happens tomorrow, I would not trade any of my yesterdays with Churn. I am grateful to have “shown up” time and time again.


So how did I get here?


I went to college and graduated with a degree in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Accounting. Afterward, I spent around ten years in public accounting and the corporate world.


While doing this, I opened my first ice cream shop with my family called “Kelley’s Dari-Delite” in Bethel Park. Soon enough, we grew to a second location in Shaler.

During this time, I received the surprise of a lifetime and was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. This was followed by an internal coiling procedure, and then more aneurysms, and finally brain surgery. This obstacle was unlike any I had experienced before. This obstacle was entirely within me, and only I (and a team of medical professionals) could tackle it. 

If you’ve never had brain surgery before, just know this. It hurts. It hurts like hell. It was one of the most painful experiences of my life physically and was followed by the emotional pain of a gradual recovery. 

I was slower than before and my head was always itchy. Good hair days were out the window, and hats and headbands became my closest friends. I was energetically weak and limited in what I could do, which was admittedly the hardest part.


During this low period of my life, I was faced with a difficult reality: life is not guaranteed. Tomorrow is never promised. There is only today and now is the time to follow your dreams.

Following this, I chose to follow my parents’ lead and chase the American dream. I made the decision to open Churn.


I wanted to stay close to ice cream, and also offer handcrafted coffee, espresso beverages, and artisan teas. As I looked around at other stores, I saw the same old flavors repeated over and over again. I also saw a lack of community atmosphere that I search for in my favorite cafes and coffee shops.


I knew I could do better.

I chose a location and opted to be in charge of the buildout, despite having no background in construction.


After trial, error, more trial and more error, countless hours of work, and many cups of coffee, our grand opening happened on October 30, 2015.

Old woman wearing a t-shirt inside of Churn - authentic handmade ice cream, espresso, and coffee

My grandma who supported me every step of the way

I’m so grateful for my staff, the support of my family, and all of my loyal guests who were just as committed as I was to making this new venture a success. 

Nine years later, we continue our mission of bringing hand-crafted ice cream and coffee to Western Pennsylvania. Thank you for your support. We can’t wait to see you soon.


  1. Show up. This will always be step one.

  2. Do your best no matter what.

  3. You are so much stronger than you think.

  4. In today’s world, no matter what you think or hear, as a woman, you have to fight harder, play louder, and stand longer to get noticed.  It is not fair, but the glory of success is still as awesome.

  5. You can do whatever you want, if you are willing to work hard, never give up and be bold.

  6. You are awesome, do not let anyone tell you otherwise, ever.

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