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We pride ourselves on our ice cream, coffee, and service.

But don't just take it from us. Check out our awards!

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Churn Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee/ Gibsonia, PA
[StartUp Episode]

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Need a mentor? These women have lessons to share for making it to the top of your profession.


Shop specializing in ice cream and coffee coming to a prime location on East Carson Street.

tv show appearance


Churn Founder, Kelley Costa, featured on STARTUP! TV Show

About STARTUP!: Backed by experts like Daymon John and Kevin O'Leary from the hit Investment TV Show Shark Tank, this digital TV show interviews small business owners and explores how small business forms the backbone of the American economy. 


About the Episode: Kelley is the featured guest on S10 | Episode 9. Churn is a business committed to coffee, community, and delicious homemade Ice Cream. Founder Kelley Costa has overcome enormous health challenges to create a successful, multi-location homemade ice cream and coffee shop.

Recent podcast appearance

Our Path Series: Kelley Costa
Pgh Dreamer's Pod with Meghan Greenwood

Episode Description: Kelley Costa is the founder and owner of Churn, a homemade ice cream and coffee shop with 3 locations in the Pittsburgh area. Kelley's incredible story and motivation have enabled successful physical stores, distribution to markets, and franchising opportunities. 

About the Pgh Dreamer's Pod: Pittsburgh’s creators, thinkers & entrepreneurs share their stories and advice for budding dreamers PLUS short narratives to help boost your happiness and productivity.


"Soaring Vanilla Prices Creating Struggle For Ice Cream Shops"

Pittsburgh CBS Local 

Written by Jon Delano

May 1, 2017

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Pittsburgh Churn Homemade Ice Cream and Coffee - highlight in magazine - 2 page spread
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