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Franchising WITH Churn

Become your own boss and open a Churn cafe in your neighborhood.

Do you ever dream of opening your own ice cream store? Are you business savvy and ambitious? Do you love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning?

If so, you may be a good fit for franchising with Churn. We are currently looking for:

  • Professionals interested in a career change

  • Natural leaders who love a challenge

  • Mentors excited about training a team of entry-level staff and employees with career gaps

  • Creative, ambitious, compassionate, and self-disciplined individuals

  • Confident individuals who are able to handle rejection

When a guest walks into Churn, they are greeted with the smell of freshly roasted coffee. Our smiling staff and artistically painted interior welcome them, and they know they are in for something sweet. 

They can sample any of the available ice cream flavors, or ask one of our team members whether they should get an affogato or latte. Whatever their order, our guests keep coming back time and time again.

Hoemade ice cream with Churn gift card and chocolate syrup - franchise with Churn

Guests have been loving our homemade ice cream for over six years, and every year we are able to grow and connect with more loyal fans. We have thrived because we make all of our products by hand, and are committed to the highest quality of service. 

Our business model helps entrepreneurs kick start their dream business and become a part of an exciting and growing team. Our president and founder, Kelley Costa, comes with over 10 years of experience in Finance & Accounting and offers one-on-one training during the initial setup of your store.

Continue reading to learn more about franchising opportunities, or email Kelley to chat.


Career growth opportunities

Addition of multiple revenue streams

Record of annual growth

Loyal community and fan base already built

Local recognition

Options for catering, wholesale, and fundraising

Quality and variety of products

Mentorship opportunities

Handcrafted ice cream - Churn homemade ice cream and coffee - blueberry ice cream with cookie dough and sprinkles



Delight guests with unique ice cream flavor experiences.

Create delicious ice cream with high-quality ingredients.

Simplify branding with our established and recognizable brand.

Streamline internal operations with our highly effective system.

Mentor, direct, and facilitate the growth of a team of young adults.

Establish a meeting place for your local community to gather and spend time together.

Build a loyal community and form meaningful connections with neighbors.

Live your dream of opening your own business.



Management, marketing, finance, accounting, employee development, customer service


Communication, decision-making, multi-tasking, organizational, leadership


Handle stressful situations, build and maintain meaningful relationships, remaining patient with others

Are you ambitious, honesty, positive, and proud of your strong work ethic?


Do you love working as part of a team, and taking leadership roles to effectively delegate tasks to your team?


Do you have a dedication to a high quality of service?


If so, we may be a sweet fit!


Kelley Costa, founder and president of Churn, has been an entrepreneur and business owner in the ice cream/frozen desserts business since 1999.  Prior to starting Churn, she owned and operated two soft-serve ice cream shops, Kelley's Dari-Delite in Bethel Park, PA, and Shaler, PA.

She also spent over a decade in both the public and corporate accounting worlds. Building a business while working full time wasn’t easy, but Kelley believes hard work and persistence pay off. In Churn’s case, it absolutely did.

If you are searching for a franchise led by an owner who 'has been there, done that,' Churn is your place. Churn is a woman-owned business and advocates for the advancement of women in entrepreneurship and business.

We are a privately held company
Churn's sole interest is to its franchise owners and the community it serves.
Franchise owners will have ample opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with Churn on a variety of topics.

We guarantee quality and variety
Our ice cream is made daily with an artisan, small-batch machine and the highest quality ingredients.
Our coffee is sourced from a local roster, with a Churn blend made specifically for our coffee shops. 
All of our flavorings and powders are high quality. We never substitute quality for cost.


We are here to help our staff
Whether you are a barista, franchise owner, or catering and events specialist, you are valued and supported at Churn. 
If you are planning on investing, be assured we will help in every way we can to ensure your store becomes a success
The majority of your workforce will be young adults. This provides you a great opportunity to mentor high school and college students, along with working with various organizations within your market.

To set up a meeting or learn more about making an investment in opening your own Churn, click here to email Kelley.

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