Franchising Thoughts

What would you do, if you were told you could never fail?

The sky is the limit.  Always live in the present.

churn is now offering franchise opportunities.

churn was created with two thoughts in mind, yummy and variety. We are a homemade ice cream shop and full-service coffee bar.  It is unique due to the atmosphere and large menu of coffee products, along with an ever-changing rotation of homemade ice cream flavors.  churn prides itself on creating over 1,000 ice cream flavors to date, with more coming out seasonally.  Along with its store offerings, churn is proud to offer quality services to its community and create a place that people enjoy and talk about often.

If a business that is growing, frequented by the community around it, fulfilling to its owners and employees, and a fun atmosphere for all to visit sounds like a business that  intrigues you, take a closer look at a churn franchise opportunity.


Growth and multiple revenue streams

churn currently has three corporate stores in operation, all run by the original owner, Kelley Costa.  Each store continues to experience growth, year after year.  churn has quickly developed a strong fan base and community recognition within the markets it currently serves.  Each location provides the opportunity for multiple revenue streams including catering, wholesale and fundraising.


churn founder and president Kelley Costa has been an entrepreneur and in the ice cream/frozen desserts business since 1999.  Prior to starting churn, Kelley owned and operated two soft serve ice cream shops, Kelley's Dari-Delite, one in Bethel Park, PA and the other was located in Shaler, PA.  She also spent over a decade in both the public and corporate accounting worlds.  If you are after a franchise led by an owner who 'has been there, done that,' churn is your place.

Privately Held Company

churn's sole interest is to its franchise owners and the community it serves.  Franchise owners will have ample opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with churn on a variety of topics.  

Quality and Variety 

All churn products are made with premium ingredients.  The ice cream is made daily at  each store location using an artisan, small-batch machine with highest quality ingredients - from milk to cream base to all the yumminess we add into each flavor, you will not be disappointed.  Our coffee is sourced from a local roster, with a churn blend made specifically for our coffee shops.  All of our flavorings and powders are high quality.  churn never substitutes quality for cost.

Investment & Return

The investment to own your own churn franchise is relatively low, especially in comparison with other food related franchises.  By owning a churn, you will get to be your own boss and take control of your financial future, all with the assistance of professionals.

Make a Difference

With your churn location, you will have the opportunity to make a difference in your community.  The majority of your workforce will be young adults, providing you a great opportunity to mentor high school and college students, along with working with various organizations within your market.


If a business that is growing, frequented by the communities it is in, fulfilling to its owners and staff sounds like an environment of intrigue to you, take a closer look at a churn franchise opportunity.   

churn: The Basics of the Deal

churn opened its doors for the first time October 30, 2015 in Gibsonia, PA.  The idea of churn came from a desire to have more options, more variety and more yumminess.  churn prides itself on creating a unique product, in an inviting atmosphere with quality customer service.

churn wants to be able to share its goals, standards and yumminess across the area, which is why franchising has began.

churn's franchisee's responsibilities would include, but are not limited to:

  • delivering unique experiences to their customer base

  • creating yummy ice cream of the best quality ingredients on a daily basis

  • branding their location(s) to represent churn's beliefs and reputation

  • following churn's operating systems in place

  • directing, mentoring and growing a team of young adults

  • establishing a place for the community to gather and enjoy time together

  • enjoying themselves while building a valuable community business

What churn Looks for in Partners:


  • management

  • marketing

  • finance/accounting

  • employee development 

  • customer service

  • good communication skills

  • organized

  • strong decision making skills

  • ability to multi-task

  • ability to handle stressful situations

personal traits:

  • ability to maintain/build relationships

  • ambitious

  • patient with others

  • integrity 

  • honest

  • positive outlook

  • strong work ethic

  • ability to work well in a team/ability to delegate tasks

  • dedication to quality and high standards

  • ability to capitalize on opportunities

to set up a meeting or learn more about an investment in churn, click here.

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