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Why Homemade?

In a world of convenience, where everything is one click or swipe away, it can be easy to lose sight of life's small pleasures. Instant gratification rules in a generation where craftsmanship seems to fall to the wayside.

But do we lose quality in the process?

Do the little extra steps that we have neglected result in a larger loss–one that is integral to enjoyment and fulfillment in life and all we create?

Whether we're talking about ice cream, food, or even furniture, a homemade touch carries a one-of-a-kind essence built by a deep love and understanding for the product.

Why homemade? Simple. Because it is better.

No Cutting Corners

In my years of business I've learned that if you put in the extra work, there is almost always a boomerang of positivity on the curve back. Quality ingredients, added time, intentional care and extra creativity in the development of a product shine bright. I notice when companies take added or personalized steps to ensure their products are excellent, not just good.

Churn Homemade Ice Cream is the perfect example of a first rate product being manufactured methodically, with heart and spirit. A totally controlled process, the creation of every recipe utilizes fresh ingredients carefully thought out by the connoisseur of frozen treats, owner Kelley Costa.

Why make a trip to Churn instead of the grocery store, you ask?

To start, consider the freshness.

Grocery store ice creams are designed and made with harsh additives that allow them a shelf life of months–even years.

Despite all of its merits, ice cream isn’t a particularly healthy food. It is a treat to be enjoyed. That being said, additives like fake thickeners and unnatural stabilizers are radically unnecessary ingredients found in most store bought frozen desserts.

Churn uses whole ingredients that add to the magic; not a dangerously long sell by date. Our ice creams hold best for 2-3 weeks max, the pinnacle of freshness and quality.

Next, consider the taste.

Taste is a big factor in choosing homemade ice cream. The first bite (or lick) is always a flurry of emotion and flavor tingling the senses.

Homemade ice cream is always creamier than store bought, due to the quality of milk, milk-fat content, and slow churn/ freezing process that goes into production of each batch.

Churn carefully blends its ingredients in small 2 gallon batches and artfully extracts it immediately to be prepped for serving. The time and effort is clearly evident in the soft, creamy, indulgent texture.

Homemade Ice Cream

Along with taste and freshness, homemade products are also often made by the members of your community working at locally owned small businesses.

At Churn, we are proud to employ some incredible people in Pittsburgh's South Side, Allison Park, and Fox Chapel. Our team's dedication, efforts, and positive mindsets are truly the cherry on top of every ice cream scoop.

The next time you are considering grabbing that pint or gallon at the grocery store, ask yourself, “who made this?” and “what’s really in this?”

You will never know the answer to those questions, unless you route your GPS to Churn.

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