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did you know you can order churn ice cream, in a gallon?  this requires 5 days advance notice (minimum), and we can prepare your gallons in different flavors if desired (flavors may vary depending on seasons).  each gallon easily yields 30 scoops.


* Gallons of homemade ice cream are pickup only


After your order is placed, you may receive a call within 24 hours to confirm any details unclear or not available at present time.  Please be sure the phone number provided is accurate.  If we cannot reach you within 24 hours of order time (and there are questions about your order), we do reserve the right to cancel your order and give you a full refund due to the communication issue and possible lack to properly therefore fulfill the order.


You can always call a churn location or email or the contact page of the website if you have any comments or questions!

gallon of churn homemade delicious ice cream

  • Gallon of homemade ice cream, available in signature and seasonal flavors. Each gallon yields approximately 30 scoops.

  • Gallons are available for PICK UP ONLY. 

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